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We have one of the only certified fuel injector cleaning and repair services in Tucson.

Today’s modern engines are all fuel injected. Fuel injection cleaning is a necessary maintenance service required on today’s cars, trucks and SUVs.


Why do I need to clean my fuel injectors?

Carbon deposits form on the fuel injectors during normal driving conditions. The injectors – particularly the injector nozzles – exist in an environment where tremendous heat is generated. The burning of the fuel leaves carbon deposits on piston valves and fuel injector nozzles that interfere with the spray pattern and flow of fuel. Cleaning the fuel injectors on a regular scheduled maintenance program removes these deposits.


How does a Fuel Injection Cleaning help my vehicle?

At Nelson Auto Care, we introduce a liquid cleaning agent into the injection nozzle. This removes the carbon deposits and restores proper fuel flow into the combustion chamber, which will:

  • Increase fuel efficiency.

  • Increase performance.

  • Reduce harmful emissions.

  • Extend engine and fuel injector life.


Have a carbureted car?

Yes for those of you who enjoy the older technology, Nelson's Auto can service, rebuild, or replace your vehicle’s carburetor.
These services are recommended based on manufacturer’s standards, or as needed as determined by our inspection and industry standards.

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